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Holy Stool
The most recent addition to the family of UM Project Stools is packed with tons of personality & playful functionality. The legs are far apart, which makes it perfect for everyday use in homes or offices. The stool is available in three heights.

Diameter: 11” / 28.9 cm
Low/ Children: 14” / 35.5 cm
Standard: 18.5” / 47 cm
Counter: 25.5” / 64.8 cm

Materials and details
Maple legs and top
Ultra matte lacquer
Legs: duo-tone color
Natural wood top and color-lacquered bottom
Colors: Black, grey, white, light blue, fluorescent red, natural
Custom colors available for large quantity

Photography: Francis Dzikowksi/ Esto

Holy Stool – Three sizes
Holy Stool – fluorescent red
Holy Stool - bunch
Holy Stool – round of 6
Holy Stool – counter height
holy stool 6 group
Holy Stool – Three sizesHoly Stool – fluorescent redHoly Stool - bunchHoly Stool – round of 6Holy Stool – counter heightholy stool 6 group