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Milking Stool
A friendly nod to a universal design with a sleek finish, playful colors and unusual proportions. The piece is designed as a true milking stool: slightly lower and tight legs for a narrow footprint. Perfect as occasional seating or accent piece in any room.

For a study stool that can be used every day at home or at the office, check out our new Holy Stool.

H17” x 11” diameter
H43.2 cm X 28.9 cm diameter

Materials and details
Solid birch legs, poplar top
Ultra matte lacquer
Duo-tone color
Natural wood bottom and colored top

Black, grey, white, teal, pink, yellow, safran
Custom colors available for large quantity

Photography: Francis Dzikowksi/ Esto

stool1 web
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05 Milking
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